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4x German Kite Champion

4x German Kite Champion

After my first session I was hooked- after my first victory it became a true passion!

Name: Linus Erdmann
Background: 4x German Kite Champion
Currently: Training in Brazil

Linus has currently escaped to warmer climate to train in great wind conditions and it sure seems like he has a pretty sweet lifestyle over in Brazil at the moment.

The lagoon they kite to everyday

Relaxing with mates in between sessions

We asked Linus a few questions to put him to work just a little bit in between sessions to share with all of you…

– At what age did you start kiting, and when did it become a true passion of yours?
I started kitesurfing when I was 9 years old. My father introduced me into this awesome watersport.

After my first session I was hooked on kitesurfing and after my first victory in a competition it became a true passion!

– How does a typical day look like during season vs off-season?
During the season I’m always checking the weather forecast. When the wind looks good I’m going straight to the sea for a couple sessions. And actually there isn’t really an off-season because I go out even in winter and snow. But usually I’m traveling the world to make sure I always have summer 😉

When there’s no wind I do some emails, videos and photos for my sponsors.

– You spend a lot of time in the cable park, how has that helped you in your kiting?
Wakeboarding is quite similar to kitesurfing so you can train the same tricks when there’s no wind.

I rather do any sport than sitting at home!

– You have a very promising career a head of you, what keeps motivate you to stay at the top as one of the worlds best kite surfers?
I just love to be out on the water. Seeing others doings tricks keeps me motivated to stay at the top.

It’s also a personal goal to do all the difficult tricks.

– What has been your experience so far from our waterproof bag?
In kitesurfing we do a lot races and trips on the water so when I’m not free styling I take my waterproof bag with me to have all my camera gear with me.

There are many spots that you can not reach by walking so that’s how I get my equipment secured to every unique spot!


‘The bag is seriously perfect for Brazil, because we have to kite to a lagoon everyday and that’s the only possibility to get drinks, cameras and phones secured over the water!


We are stoked to have Linus on our team and and we wish him the best of luck for the rest of the season.

If you want to follow Linus on his next adventure you can follow him here Link

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