Ice scuba diving at 40m/ 130ft depth

Name: Jonas Holm
Background: PADI Staff Instructor, Alpindyksport
Currently: Last Ice scuba diving course for the season


PADI Staff Instructor Jonas Holm is getting ready for an ice scuba dive course in a limestone quarry in Vagnhärad, Sweden.


The limestone quarry is 43m/141ft deep and is completely covered with ice winter time.


With a water temperature of 4°C/32°F and a visibility of about 15m/50ft.

40m depths

A cave can be found at the bottom of the limestone quarry.

Alpindyksport Team

This was the last ice diving course for the season for our our friends at Alpindyksport and they’re now looking forward to new diving adventures.



✓ Waterproof down to 50m/164ft
✓ Shockproof Inflatable System
✓ Floats fully packed with an adult on top