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IKA Kitesurf World Champion- Pedro Matos

IKA Kitesurf World Champion- Pedro Matos

‘I have been to many places to kitesurf, but the one that I like the most is..

Name: Pedro Matos
Sport: Kitesurfing
Nationality: Brazilian
Title: IKA World Champion 2016
All images © Pedro Matos

We are stoked to introduce our latest team member, the IKA Kitesurfing World Champion, Pedro Matos.

We checked in to hear how he got in to the sport, what made him become the world champ, his favorite spots to kite on etc.

How did you get in to kitesurfing?

My grandpa was in to sailing so when kitesurfing emerged as a sport my whole family got in to it naturally.

Pedro’s father in action (former hang gliding World Champion)

Pedro’s sister (5x World Champion in Jiu-Jitsu)

I was 11 when I started kitesurfing with my dad and my sister who have both inspired me a lot.

Last year you became the World kite champion, tell us a what made you take home the world title?

Hahaha, so like I said my dad and my sister have been a huge inspiration since I was young and when I first started kitesurf I told my dad:

‘imagine if I someday win a world title just like you and Kyra (my sister), we will take power of the air (hang glider) , land (jiu-jitsu) and the ocean (kitesurf)’ and when that dream became reality, it was such an amazing feeling!!!

For sure one of the best days of my life!!!

Out of all the places you have visited, where is your favourite spot to kitesurf in the world?

I have been to many places to kitesurf, but the one that I like the most is my own backyard hahaha

postinho beach, barra da tijuca, rio de janeiro, brazil!!

Because this is where I grew up kitesurfing and this is where all my friends and family hang out.

What’s your impression of our PRO DRYBAG 45L compared to other bags you have used?

The PRODRY BAG is for sure the best bag I’ve ever used in my whole life!

It’s cool looking, easy to carry, 100% waterproof and can fit the things that I need to go for a trip and much more!

What’s your plans for the rest of the year, where will we be seeing you next?

Right now I’m going to stay in Australia until july, studying English and enjoying some good waves and wind.

Then I’m heading to Morocco to compete the first competition of this year’s World tour.

So I’m pretty excited and hoping for great results and in the end hopefully another title.

We are proud to have Pedro on our team and look forward to follow Pedro for another world title.

Follow Pedro on his upcoming adventures on Instagram and feel free to subscribe to our new YouTube channel- TEAM SUBTECH where we will go hang out with Pedro among other team riders in our upcoming episodes.


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