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Name: André Magarao
Profession: Sports Photographer
Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 37
Years as Pro photographer: 6
Bag used: PRO DRYBAG 45L
Photos: ©André Magarao ©SUBTECH SPORTS.

We checked in with our new team photographer André to hear how the pandemic has been affected him, his favorite places to shoot at and how he capture his signature shots with the glowing sunsets in the backdrop.

– How has the current pandemic affected you and your photography?

It has affected me quite a lot. All the planning I had done for the year basically got cancelled. But I was pretty lucky to be in California when it all happened.

I’m staying at a small beach town that doesn’t have many cases and for the most part of the whole situation the beaches remained open. So I was still able to shoot.

I ended up renting a room at a friends house and he also happens to be a professional skimboarder so we ended up working together quite a lot.

House mate: Blair Conklin in action- see pic above & below

– How do you manage to get your signature photos with the rider and every water droplet showing in detail?

That took some time to figure out not only for me as the photographer but also for the rider. The most important thing on those shots is that the rider has to do his/her trick in a very precise location in relationship to my flashes.

I was fortunate enough to be able to work with some of the best riders out there and together we got a good understanding of each others needs.

Bruna Kajiya- 3x Kite World Champion

So I think that by now we have a good balance of being able to perform good tricks and get shots that I’m stoked with from a pure photographic perspective.

Carlos Mariobebe- 4x Kite World Champion

– Where is your favourite location in the world to shoot?

There are many amazing places to shoot in the world. Turks and Caicos is a really special for example. But to be honest Cumbuco has a very special feeling for me. It was were I was able to learn a lot and try all my ideas. I also know some great people there. And it’s hard to beat that super steady sunset wind.

– Do you ever ride yourself together with the professional athletes in between shoots?

Not really. I’m there with the best riders in the world. I’m a huge fan of them. I’m usually too stoked to just be able to shoot with them. So I just go and shoot as much as possible.

– What are your thoughts on the SUBTECH bag?

The bag is amazing. Super tough and looks super nice.

The shockproof system is amazing.

Everything is so easy to use and the bag is super roomy. It fits everything that I need.

– Where will we be seeing you next?

It really depends on how this whole Covid-19 thing goes. For now I’m in Southern California trying to be the most productive I can while keeping my social distancing.

I’ve been shooting as much as possible and I’ve also been filming with my friend Blair Conklin (see pic below) for his YouTube channel which is a new experience for me. We got to go to this wave pool recently. It’s been really fun. We have been getting some good stuff.

We are stoked to have André Magarao on our TEAM SUBTECH and looking forward to follow him on his upcoming adventures.

More info on the bag André use to keep his camera gear dry and protected – PRO DRYBAG 45L

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