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Erik Lyth

Erik Lyth, Founder

Sydney Harbour, 2011

Sydney Harbour, 2011

The idea of SUBTECH was born when the founder Erik Lyth was out on a beautiful sunny morning on Sydney harbour when the water was laying flat like a mirror and you could hear every stroke you took with the paddle. All of a sudden a fish jumps right in front of the kayak followed by a massive splash when an 8ft shark broke the surface of the water with such a force that the kayak almost capsized. This went on for a little while as the fish shoals past by but the amazing experience of the close-up encounter with a shark remains as a memory as it could not be captured captured on photo or video.

This was the moment when Erik decided he wanted to come up with waterproof solutions to bring your phone and other electronics out on the water to capture the moment and share your passion with others.

The company, SUBTECH SPORTS was later that year founded in 2011 in Australia and has since then expanded to Sweden.

Driven by curiosity and ingenuity, a growing team of extreme athletes and industry leading designers has since the start continued to push the boundaries with a clear goal to develop reliable equipment for use in extreme environments from beaches, to oceans, to mountains across the world.

Today SUBTECH SPORTS award-winning products are used by a global network by some of the world top athletes within the sports of sailing, surfing, freeride skiing, stand-up paddling, kayaking, rowing, triathlon, motocross, sports car racing and more in something we call TEAM SUBTECH- That continue to push the boundaries for our innovative products.

We are constantly looking for the best talents out there that share the same level of passion for adventure sports that we do so if you are looking for an exciting opportunity and think you got what it takes to join our winning team, we would love to hear from you.