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Solo Motorbike Traveller

Meet solo motorbike traveler Hanna

6 Years | 76 Countires | 90.000+ km

Hanna is an enthusiastic, easy going girl with a burning desire to explore the world. So one day, 6 years ago she decided to quit her 9-5 job, pack her necessities and hit the road on her motorbike. Since that day she has never looked back and she is now living out her dream and get the explore all the hidden gems on two wheels.

Solo Motorbike Traveller

Adventurer: Hanna Johansson

Solo riding: Since 2017

Countries explored: 76

Kilometres traveled: 90.000+ km

Currently: Just starting next bike adventure in Thailand

Expedition Bags used: PRO DRYPACK 55L

Hanna has just arrived in Thailand where she will pick up her Triumph bike to explore beautiful Thailand on two wheels.
We checked in with Hanna just a day before she left to do a quick interview.

– Tell us in short about your upcoming adventure and what you look forward to the most?

I’ll spend the upcoming weeks in Thailand, one of my favorite countries. I look forward to exploring this country to the fullest, everything from beautiful beaches to riding in the mountains of Chiang Mai.

– What would you say to others that dream about what you do so that they can dare to take the leap and follow their dream and passion in life?

Life’s too short to wonder, “what if?”.

The first step is the hardest, but when that’s done… The rest is like a dance!
No matter how hard it’ll be (because it will be challenging sometimes), the burning passion in your chest is a feeling you can’t beat.
No Teams Meeting will ever give that satisfaction.

– What gear will you bring with you on your coming adventure and how will you pack it on your Triumph?

I won’t camp on this trip, so my luggage will be small.

I use a Subtech Pro Drybag 55L from the Black Series.

I strap it on the bike behind me, using the frame and saddle to attach the straps
Easy and simple, just the way I like it.
It’s such a relief knowing that my belongings are dry and safe behind me.
We hope Hanna will have an amazing time exploring Thailand on her very exciting motorbike adventure that starts right now!

If you want to follow Hanna’s adventure, check her links below:

Instagram: @hanna.c.johansson

Facebook: @hanna.c.json

Website: www.hannacjohansson.com

Poster shop: www.hannasadventureprints.com

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