The pro supermoto stunt rider Elliot Gröndahl shows his EPIC skills on his modified KTM Freeride E-XC and his KTM 450 EXC bike. Wheelies, stoppies, burns and duo stunts with his girlfriend on the handlebar, he does it all!

We catch up with the founder and chief innovator of the premium electric surfboard brand, Awake to try out their top of the line electric jet surfboard in downtown Stockholm, Sweden.

We start off in the Candela factory together with our team driver and 6x Powerboat World Champion Erik Stark to see how they make the world’s first 100% electric foiling boat.

We hang out with 2x Jetski World Champion Aero Aswar, brother Aqsa Awar (Asian Games Champion) and the rest of their kick-ass crew at Jetski Indonesia Academy.

We get THE BEAST ready for the ultimate test when we fit it with 25 of our award-winning waterproof SUBTECH bags to try and get this 3000kg/6600lb offroad monster to float so that we can try and drive on water.

Check out this this monster offshore power boat to experience what it’s like to go full speed 125kn/140mph thru hundreds of tiny islands in Stockholm archipelago.

PART 2: We head off to a remote island in the Stockholm archipelago with the 2x windsurf world champ, Adam Holm and his entourage. We dance salsa on the rocks, practice free-diving, light up the BBQ while listening to an amazing acoustic solo performance by Hanna Linder to then head off for a midnight swim by jumping off a lighthouse in the sunset.

We head out in the Stockholm archipelago to catch up with the 2x windsurf world champion, Adam Holm and his epic crew. This magical summer day starts out with a yoga session by the ocean, free diving in the murky waters searching for an old shipwreck, followed by a windsurf race with the world champ to then head out to a remote island for more summer adventures with this epic crew.

DAY 2- Race Day: We get to follow close-up when our team triathlete George Bjälkemo and Pontus Lindberg fight the worst weather conditions during one of the world’s toughest one day races, ÖtillÖ- 65km trail-running and 10km ocean swimming in freezing cold water!

DAY 1- Preparations: We get to follow team triathlete George Bjälkemo and partner Pontus Lindberg during the final preparations of the Swimrun World Championships, ÖtillÖ. One of the world’s toughest one day races.

DAY 2- Race Day. We get to see the 800hp carbon fibre monster pushing the limits, a major crash💥 that destroys the car and hear how they made a comeback and how a visit to World Time Attack in Australia gave them a new goal!

DAY 1 – Race preparations. We follow the guys behind Revline Racing; Gustaf Burström and Edvin Eminovic and the preparations of the completely rebuilt Porsche 968 GT1 during World Time Attack in Kinnekulle Ring, Sweden.

DAY 2 of 2: We catch-up with Michael and his girlfriend Kristi right before the race and then get to follow Michael frist hand during the SUP World Championships in Copenhagen.

DAY 1 of 2: We go SUP paddling on the canals in central Copenhagen, catch-up with Michael’s girlfriend Kristi and take the awesome Land Rover that we were hooked up with off to the sand dunes in the sunset.

On this trip, we tag along pro kitesurfer and team rider Linus Erdmann in his hometown Hamburg in Germany for 2 epic days together with his partner in crime Max Petrat.

On this trip, we tag along pro kitesurfer and team rider Linus Erdmann in his hometown Hamburg in Germany for 2 epic days together with his partner in crime Max Petrat.

It’s the second day with Wille Lindberg in Hardangerfjord, Norway and today we woke up with 50cm/20in of fresh powder!

In this very first episode of TEAM SUBTECH we tag along team rider and pro free skier Wille Lindberg at his lodge in Norway for 2 days of epic adventures.