Yes. The PRO DRYBAG 45L is waterproof down to 50m/164 ft and has the highest waterproof classification- IP68.

On the inside of the bag we have incorporated an Oral Inflator to Inflate/Deflate an air bag to provide a 360 degree protection for sensitive gear inside the bag.

You may need top up with more air in the Shockproof Inflatable System from time to time as the as the pressure will drop once the  air that you are blowing in to the air cells (body temperature) is equalizing with the lower outside temperature.

Yes. The PRO DRYBAG floats fully packed with a full size adult on top.

Make sure the entire zipper is clean and dry before closing the zipper. For closing the zipper, pull with your index finger and your long finger until the closing parts are fully shut, please note that the last closing/opening bit of the zipper is a bit harder to pull.

We advice everyone to do a Product/Waterproof test before submersing the PRO DRYBAG to make sure it is not damaged in any way. Please note that our warranty only cover SUBTECH SPORTS products and not your electronic device or any other equipment that you put inside any of our products.

Allow room for air in the PRO DRYBAG. Then close the zipper, making sure you close the zipper fully. Thereafter squeeze all you can while at the same time listen and feel for air going out of the bag. If you are unable to detect any air being released, the PRO DRYBAG is waterproof.

If you feel air leaking from the PRO DRYBAG, the product is faulty and should be exchanged for a new bag.

Note: We advise all users to test your PRO DRYBAG for waterproofing before use.

Disclaimer: SUBTECH SPORT will not be liable for any damage caused to any electronic equipment due to incorrect use of PRO DRYBAG or otherwise.

Read full ‘Terms and Conditions’ before use.

Yes. The zipper is fully waterproof and air tight. It is the same zipper as you find on dry suits and rescue suits. The zipper will also keep any condensation out, preventing your electronic equipment from being damaged.

The zipper is pressure tested to 500mbar/ 7psi.

The 100% water and airtight features of the bag allows a perfect, ergonomic fit as it molds to your back and spine when carrying the PRO DRYBAG as a backpack.

To keep your zipper in top shape, we recommend you to lube in the zipper’s closing end, every few months. Use original TIZIP lubricant or other zipper lubricant. Remove dirt and sand before closing zipper, if the zipper gets dirty- wash with soap and water.

Warning: Keep the zipper clean before opening and closing. Dirt and sand on the zipper chain may cause leaking.

Yes. The carabineer is CE certified and tested to carry weight up to 3000 kg (3147 kgf).

Pull: Horizontal: 26 kN. Vertical: 8 kN. Open: 9 kN.

Size: 11,1 x 6,8 cm / 4.37 x 2,68 in

Material: Aerospace aluminum