Raft made of plastic waste that sailed across the Baltic Sea to deliver an important message to put a global focus on our ocean and marine resources.

RENEWED products available right now:


Series: Black Series

Available quantity: 1

Condition: Minor use, perfect condition

Price: 199 Euro, Free shipping included.


Series: Splashproof Zipper, Special Edition

Condition: Unused

Material: Hypalon

Sold Out!

Smart Pack System (Small)

Series: Dark Yellow Edition

Condition: New – Unused

Note: Glued velcro coming undone a bit but it does not affect the usability.

Available quantity: 1

Price: 59 Euro, Free shipping included.

Shockproof Inflatable System

Series: Black Edition

Condition: Minor Use, Perfect Condition

Note: Oral inflator looks used but working perfectly.

Available quantity: 1

Price: 49 Euro, Free shipping included.

Shockproof Inflatable System

Series: Special Edition, integrated 13” Laptop Case

Condition: New – Unused

Sold Out!

What is RENEWED?

SUBTECH RENEWED is an important initiative towards a more sustainable future. The idea is very simple, you send us your old bag (PRO DRYBAG & DRYPACK acceptable at the moment) and receive a 40-60% discount to buy the latest version bag. SUBTECH will then repair and re-sell the used bag for a heavy discounted price (alternatively be given to any of our non-profit organizations that are working to save our world oceans) so that more people can afford to buy our durable bags to a lower price point. All used bags re-sold will have a “Quality Verified by SUBTECH SPORTS” certificate to ensure our company’s high quality standards are met in every bag sold so the customer can feel confident that their bag will keep their gear dry and protected no matter what extreme, life dependent adventure they will use the bags for. We see this as an important initiative for a more sustainable future that hopefully more companies will adapt and more consumers will consider going forward.

Reused, Revived, RENEWED.


We said it before and we will continue saying it: These bags are built to last a lifetime which is good from a sustainability point of view but why stop there? When a customer gets the latest version bag the old version tend to not being used as much or not even at all. Given that these bags are in perfect working condition with the only difference that they do not have the latest design it would be a win-win opportunity for our loyal customers to trade in their used bag to get the latest version and for us to be able to offer our bags to a lower price point for all those customers that want and have a need for a fully waterproof bag but cannot afford it. All these new customers would then feel confident that they get a high quality waterproof bag that has been quality inspected by us with the option to trade it in for the latest version whenever they want in the future.

Who repairs them?

In the majority of the cases the bags will not need to be repaired, only washed off and quality checked and waterproof tested. When the bags do need to be repaired we have teamed up with a well respected drysuit experts called Dräktverstan in Stockholm, Sweden that do all kind of repair work for; military, police, sewer as well as recreational divers where their life depends on the maintenance job that they do. They are considered one of the best with their extensive experience and high quality craftsmanship and therefore are a perfect fit for our top quality products.

How much discount do I get?

Usually between 40-60% but that is depending on what bag you got; 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 Series and what condition the bag is in. You will be notified about the discount we can offer before you send us the bag. A good tip is to make sure to wash the bag before submitting the photos to receive a better discount.

You can send us more than one used bag and you will receive a coupon code for each bag sent. Each coupon code can then be used to purchase one new PRO DRYBAG. 

Do you want to send us your old bag?

The steps are simple:

1. Submit the RENEWED form below.

2. We will review the case and come back with a coupon code for a new bag. Once agreed, the customer then sends the used bag to Sweden.

3. Once we have received the bag we will send the discount code to buy a new one.

    Buying a RENEWED product:

    If you are interested to buy one of the used bags, just browse the site above and purchase the bag you want. Payment is made via PayPal.

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