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Name: Rafael Bridi
Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 33 years
Sport: Slackline
Guiness World Records: 2

Photos: ©Rafael Bridi | SUBTECH SPORTS

We are stoked to introduce our new TEAM SUBTECH athlete, Rafael Bridi  who’s a really impressive slackliner. Rafael currently holds two Guiness World Records and a number of Brazilian and Latin American Records.

The first Guiness World Record was made in 2017, where he walked 670 meters across Wanfu Lake in China.

The second world record was done just recently. A mind blowing 260 meter long highline in the crater of an active volcano in Mount Yasur in Tanna Island, Vanuatu.

-How did you get started with slackline?

At first slackline was a pleasure activity where I faced a big challenge trying to balance myself and get across of it’s full length. This moment happened at my friends backyard and this day has stuck with me forever.

I have a strong background as an athlete so I have a very challenging mentality where I need to accomplish the targets I set to myself.

So in the beginning with the slackline it was more about how I can’t manage to get across when I do good on so many others balance sports in general.

Paralell to get introduced to slackline I was starting my engineering studies. This combination brought me lot of deep learning from the dedication I channeled to my personal growth and slackline was a big part of that.

Right in the beginning of my practice I got introduced by a friend about the possibilities of practicing highline. I had to dedicate a lot of time practicing, studying and creating connections outside Brazil to make the first highline walk a reality.

Long story short, slackline combine with my previous years as athlete has brought me a new conscious about my goals in life.

This has given me a much more balanced relationship with the people around me, society in general, relationship with money and the general ability to make dreams reality. This is what SLACKLIFE represents to me, becoming a better person is rule number one.

-You are also running an adventure company, can you tell us about this?

Yes I do run an Adventure Company called Natural Extremo Brazil. This company is pretty much the combination of all the knowledge I gained building my professional carreer practicing a new sport that was not widely recognized nationally and internationally to being with.

The company launched when I gathered all my technical rigging skills to combine highline and rope work techniques to build a unique safety system for Rope Swings for the general public. The company is now is 2 years and has received huge presence Nationally and Internationally. We are changing the way adventure experiences are offered inside of tourism in Brazil.

Wedding at high altitude

We focus on the whole experience of the clients from the first message we receive until the clients receiving their media material days after the adventure.

But the company not only work in the front range of adventures we also have other strong elements that are part of our formal structure such as; merchandising, creating and production of marketing campaigns, we built technology for our internal and external use.

Special projects involving highline and slackline, we organize festivals and events, we do train our team and other non governmental and governmental institutions and many other areas of action. So the company is just the potencialization for lots passions and values we carry as partners.

-Which is your most spectacular walk you have ever made?

No doubt is the Active Volcano crossing I did this year in Vanuatu during the super restrict lock down spread all over the world because of Corona.

It was a project I got invited to take part a contribute and it was an honor. It was the first ever highline rigged inside the crater of and active volcano done in the Mount Yasur in Tanna Island, Vanuatu.

The line itself had 260 meters long and had super dangerous and tricky situations to make it happen. It was a huge team effort to pull this stunt of and by doing so it was recognized as Guinness World Record.

This is one of my freshest accomplishments and most important in my carreer

-You have been using the PRO DRYBAG for a while, how does it differ from other bags you have had?

I like the simplicity of the design and it’s powerful features.

The strong and flexible material gives me a extra sense of safety when I’m carrying delicate and expensive gear inside.

The combination of the waterproof and the air cushion [Shockproof Inflatable System] is a dream for adventures where you know you will have a variety of situations such as rain, sun, river crossings and rough terrain.

I’m loving the bag so much that even on average trips where I don’t need exactly this incredible features I use as my carry on bag due to its light weight and versatile handles and straps.

I can’t wait to push even further and bring the PRO DRYBAG to really extreme settings.

-What is your tip for beginners that want to get started with slackline?

Don’t give up and do not compare yourself to others. Slackline is for all ages, body types and skills. One might take longer to learn the first steps then others but this is just how we are.

Practicing slackline in any level is fun, safe, challenging and an amazing group activity. It has a really good relationship with nature and can be done in basically any place you can find solid anchors.

I love to hang and teach beginners because it brings me back the joy, the struggles and the wins on my first days in the sport.

We are stoked to have Rafabridi on our team and we can’t wait to see where he will bring our gear next. Click here to follow him on his epic adventures.

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