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16 recensioner av DRYCASE

  1. Anna Verônica Ribeiro

    I’m photographer, I’m specialized in photos underwater, because of these, when i travel, I need to carry my laptop and many times the laptop stays in situation very hard, near water, dusty and so on. I started to use the dry case and I feel too much relieved about my laptop, that is a tool I use on my work. My next investment is the bag, to put my cameras, lenses and others …

  2. sebastian ribeiro

    Receive mine today and I’m very happy with it! Super recomend!

  3. Hugo

    Love it! Functional piece of kit that helps protect my laptop, as it spends most of it’s life in conditions it was not designed for!

  4. Emily

    After literally days of searching online for a case that would keep my macbook safe and dry on a 10-month cycle through South America, I came across this case. I wanted something that wasn’t bulky or heavy and wouldn’t draw attention to the fact that I was carrying valuables. This slim but rugged case was the perfect solution. Right now I am typing on my mac book that survived my bike being blown over several times in windy Patagonia, the cold and snow up at 5000m in the Peruvian Andes and the hot muggy Colombian tropics thanks to this little case!

  5. josh

    Love it, been working perfect to keep my laptop safe on my travels!

  6. Ryan Hamilton

    A brand new MacBook Pro in a third world country? Yeah, this thing absolutely killed it. Not once was I worried about my brand new computer getting hurt. We spent time in the mountains, on boats and beaches and I was never worried about the safety of my computer. This case works like a charm!

  7. Gregor John

    For me the best case I ever had. Keeps my gear dry an protected. Especially when I am traveling or being in the mountains. As an adventure and sports photographer you always have to take care. A splash, a drop or rain can happen every time. With this case I am save.

  8. YongJoo (verifierad ägare)

    Hi I received my goods from you last Saturday. I am very satisfied. Thank you for your hard work.

  9. Nathalie

    A necessary case to have in my opinion. I travel around to some of the best Kite spots in the world… and there is always a risk when I bring my laptop down to the beach. Now I can feel a lot more comfortable! Another + is definitely the design. Can’t wait for the 2.0 to come out and going to be even bettter.

  10. Steffi

    Saltwater and electronics don’t mix that well 💦 Working as a digital nomad I usually have to go ashore to find some half decent WiFi. And going ashore means taking my precious computer for a ride in a dinghy and most of the time even landing it on the beach!
    If anything would happen to the computer it would be a small disaster for us since we rely on it for most of our income. 👩🏻‍💻

    A good case to help protect it from water is one of the best things we have found and I absolutely love it! It fits snuggly and looks good! .
    I have now used it for over half a year being very satisfied with this kickass waterproof case.

  11. Sadeq Malakooti (verifierad ägare)

    Lovely product from a company with an excellent customer service… I received my new upgraded laptop case for free after I had a problem with my old subtech case zipper. The new laptop case looks amazing. The customer service representative was with me via email all along the way until the case was delivered to me. Thank you subtech.

  12. Chris (verifierad ägare)

    I just received my drycase and LOVE it! I am simply using this to protect my new Dell laptop – during travels, the coffee shop, or the at my desk!
    thank you for a great design!

  13. Michele Niotis (verifierad ägare)

    Another great product from you! Just perfect for my MacBook Air 2018 ! Congratulations guys!

  14. William

    SIMPLY BEST CASE I’VE FOUND – I’ve been using one of my cases for a couple of years now and the second one has finally gotten some use. This was a terribly long wait as the attempt to get a fully waterproof case seemed hard to achieve. I do not know how water proof my case is and I put it in a dry bag when i’m on a boat or something. I use the smaller case for my wife’s Surface Pro with the Kennsington BlackBelt case. Fits perfectly and makes it a breeze to shove in and out of bags. I use the larger case for my Dell Precision Mobile Workstation 7530 which is a beast of a machine that I need to carry for the horsepower in my profession. In both of these situations these are the hands down best laptop cases/sleeves/clamshell that I have personally found and used across my entire time with a laptop starting in the mid-90’s. The quality is second to none and it’s just the right balance for my needs. Thought I’d share that for others…

  15. Jonas Holm

    This case is amazing. As a diveinstructor I Travel a lot and this case Keep My laptop safe and det.
    I really recommend this laptop case.

  16. Adam Holm

    Without this case my laptop would never survive. Saved my life multiple times. Definitly one of my best investments!

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DRYCASE är ett laptop case för äventyrare men med sin eleganta och funktionella design är det också perfekt i vardagen, jobbet, skolan samt på resa.

En toppmodern kombination av skyddande material, stilren design och skräddarsydd passform som håller din värdefulla dator torr i ur och skur.

Resultatet är ett slimmat, lättviktsfodral som kan användas på de mest extrema platserna som vår planet erbjuder och som fungerar lika bra i vardagen.

Fri Frakt.



Det ursprungliga priset var: $ 95Det nuvarande priset är: $ 49

DRYCASE 12: Designad för MacBook 12" och passar de flesta 12" bärbara datorer.

Kan användas för iPad Pro 11″.

Maximal laptopstorlek: 281 x 197 x 18 mm.
Yttermått: 300 x 220 x 23 mm.
DRYCASE 13” (MB Pro/Air): Designad för Nya MacBook Pro 13″/Nya MacBook Air 13″ (från 2016 och senare).
Maximal laptopstorlek: 305 x 213 x 18 mm.
Yttermått: 330 x 230,5 x 20 mm.
DRYCASE 13”: Designad för tidigare versionen MacBook Air 13"/MacBook Pro 13" (-2015) och passar de flesta 13" bärbara datorerna.
Maximal laptopstorlek: 330 x 230 x 21 mm. 
Yttermått: 350 x 240,5 x 25 mm.
DRYCASE 15” (MB Pro): Designad för nya MacBook Pro 15″ (från 2016 och senare).
Maximal laptopstorlek: 350 x 241 x 20 mm. 
Yttermått: 370 x 262 x 20mm.
DRYCASE 15”: Designad för tidigare version MacBook 15" (-2015) och passar MacBook Pro 16" och de flesta 15"/16" bärbara datorer.
Maximal laptopstorlek: 386 x 267 x 30 mm.
Yttermått: 405 x 290 x 30mm.
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Skyddar mot kraftigt regn och snöfall.
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Stötabsorberande konstruktion.


Stötabsorberande konstruktion.

“The shockproof and splash-proof case looks after your precious laptop and keeps it safe from accidental knocks, bumps, and scratches. Can be used in the most extreme places of our planet and still fits perfectly with your business attire.”Länk

"Det stötsäkra och stänksäkra fodralet tar hand om din värdefulla bärbara dator och skyddar den från oavsiktliga stötar, stötar och repor. Kan användas på de mest extrema platserna på vår planet och passar fortfarande perfekt med din affärsklädsel.” – Länk 


Håller vatten och fukt borta.


Adderar endast 5 mm till din dator.


Adderar endast 5 mm till din dator.


Väger endast från 250g.


Designad för äventyr men lämpar sig lika bra till vardag och arbetsliv.


Designad för äventyr men lämpar sig lika bra till vardag och arbetsliv.


Vatten- och smutsavvisande skydd.


Håller fukt ute.


Håller fukt ute.


Bara slänga ner i en väska eller bär separat.


Skydda det mest värdefulla du äger.


Skydda det mest värdefulla du äger.


Gå med i raden av professionella atleter och fotografer som använder DRYCASE 365 dagar/år världen över på sina äventyr.
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