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Climbing one of the world’s most active volcano, erupting every 5 min🌋


Climbing one of the world’s most active volcano, erupting every 5 min🌋

Name: Vernon Deck
Profession: Professional Outdoor/Sports photographer
Interests: Sailing, snowboarding, photography & film making
Currently: 2 new videos out when Vernon climbs one of the world’s most active volcano
Volcano: Dukono in Indoensia

All images © Vernon Deck

This is our team photographer Vernon Deck. Vernon is a very talented photographer that currently spends 6 months of the year shooting in the alps and the rest on his sail boat, exploring the world.

Vernon is currently in Indoensia exploring the amazing remote islands this beautiful country has to offer.

To be able to share all these amazing experiences Vernon has a YouTube channel Learning By Doing where you get tag along on the most amazing adventures around the globe.

Right now Vernon has sailed to Indonesia (from Australia) and has set out on an adventure to climb an active vulcano.

Dukono is one of the worlds most active Volcanos, erupting every few minutes.

We checked in with him after the adventure to hear his thoughts on his gear.

– What are your thoughts before choosing bag on an adventurous hike like this?

Choosing between the 100l and 45l bags was sort of easy in this case as my 45L bag has shock protection as well as being waterproof. I’d never climbed an active volcano before so I just imagined the worst and prepared for that.

Apart form all my camera gear and drone I also had to carry food, water, and a change of clothes so the bag was pretty heavy. While the Subtech 45L is not a hardcore hiking backpack it proved comfortable enough for me to hike 4 hours up steep and slippery slopes and for my expensive camera equipment to survive.

– How did your Subech bag handle the river crossings and torrential rain?

The 45L Subtech bag handled everything thrown at it on this adventure. From hiking through rainforest in the middle of a tropical storm to being partial emersed during two river crossings my gear stayed protected and dry.

– How do you mainly use your 45 Liter, 100 Liter bag and the tote bag on your boat?

The 45L (1.0 version) I’ve had the longest and mainly use it to transport my camera gear when I’m going on an adventure. Most of my adventures involve water so this bag is just a must for me.

The 100L bag is huge but with the divider system I can pack efficiently and everything stays in its place. It has great shoulder straps and also a waist belt that helps to transfer the load.

The Tote bag I use for shopping missions to shore and easy beach adventures.

Below you can check out Part 1: Vernon’s preparations and first part of the hike up the active volcano Dukono.

Below is Part 2: The last remaining hike up to the top of the crater of the active volcano.

You can also check out Vernon’s Instagram where he blends his epic snowboard pics from the alps…

Red Bull Illume Finalist- Vernon Deck

…with magical photos from secret tropical islands that he explores on his sailboat.

Vernon Deck

We are stoked to have Vernon on our team and look forward to follow him on his upcoming adventures.

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