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PRO DRYBAG 45L is a 100% waterproof and shockproof sport bag. It is 45 liter (11.89 gallons) and Light weight 1432g/50.51oz, (710g (25 oz) without air bag), perfect for adventurous people bringing sensitive gear in extreme environments.

Shockproof Inflatable System
100% Waterproof Sport Bag
100% Airtight

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Waterproof down to 50m/164ft. Highest waterproof classification (IP68)


Inflatable/Deflatable airbag to keep sensitive gear protected


Floats fully packed and with a full size adult on top

Air Tight

Protect electronic equipment from water and condensation.

Pressure tested to 500mbar/7psi

Internal electronics pocket

Keep your sensitive gear protected at all times

Premium Material

Made in TPU 420D and reinforced with TPU620D for extra durability and low-weight carrying

Travel Safe

Approved carry-on luggage

Ergonomic Backpack

The airbag allow a perfect shape along back and spine


Reflective logo material allows perfect visibility at night


L:60cm/23.6in W:30cm/11.8in D:30cm/11.8in

Bag is really durable and well thought through. It’s exactly the kind of product, that oozes quality and this is what I’m always after and willing to pay premium at. I’m more than certain, that it will serve me well for decades to come in my travels.

/Siim Vene

I got my bags today….really great quality…well worth to wait and pay for!!!!! keep on!

/Daniel Perucchi

I am very happy with the bag. It’s big, durable and great for the Danish fall weather with rain and wind. Thanks! I am happy that I backed you guys and you can be fucking proud of your product!

/Mathias Junge

These bags are so RAD!!! Thanks for your hard work, Team Subtech! 🙂

/Kelly Threadgill

Hi guys, I have been using my bag for about a week now. It’s absolutely fantastic. The capacity is super and the protection system really keeps my laptop protected./Milan Ftacnik

I’ve just received the two bags – they are awesome! Thanks


Got package. Bag is amazing. Thank you


Amazing quality and big! it looks amazing! thanks a lot!

/Roberto R.

Great product! I’m very happy with the bag.

/Rhett Moore

First let me say I just returned home from a trip and I used the Subtech bag for all my travel and it performed awesomely. It kept everything dry in the rain and when on a boat. It worked great for traveling on the plane and I blew up the shock system to protect some breakable stuff inside. I even filled the whole bag with air and zipped it shut (since it’s air tight) and used it as a pillow at one point. This bag is fantastic and I love it!Thanks guys I’m glad the product turned out as awesome as it did.

/Ben Johnson

After almost a month of use, I can definitely say this: every dollar was worth it!


Hi guys, I just wanted to congratulate you guys again on the success of your product and thank you guys for the amazing bags that you sent out to me. I ordered five of your bags thinking that it would be enough, but I was wrong. Every single person who has seen me use the bag wants one now, they call the bag the ‘indestructable bag’. I handed 4 of the 5 bags out to my closest friends and they got the same responses, now my friends are asking me if I could get them any more because people have been asking. This bag has already made it’s name across my circle of friends and I would have loved to see go even further but sadly I am out of bags now (I SHOULD HAVE ORDERED 10!).

/Luis Pelaez

I’ve been extremely happy with the bag, I use it daily as a kit bag (in my work as a firefighter in London Fire Brigade based at Wembley) and I’ve had lots of interest and positive feedback.

/Alan Allmark

Just received my bag today. The quality is superb and the attention to detail is commendable. Two thumbs up!

/Vince Ng

I have to say, the bags are pretty cool. Certainly is the most advanced drybag I’ve ever seen. Probably the best thing for photographers in a canoe.


It looks really cool, and is nice wear. The shoulder-straps is well made, and the straps for holding it in the hand can tuck the shoulder-straps in when using it as luggage in the airport.The design is really well-made, and it is definitely one of the best duffel’s out there!

/Christoffer Sigshøj

I can’t say how happy I am to finally get the Pro Drybag.


I have forgotten to tell you earlier: YOUR BAG IS SIMPLY AWESOME!! I loooove the quality of your products by the way. Absolutely splendid. Have a nice day and keep up the (more than) good work! 🙂 Greetings

/Tri Thenyl

I am really pleased with your bags. Great, amazing product you achieved. 🙂

/Jurģis Tālants

Thanks. Awesome bags. I received them. So cool…

/Karsten Weigelt

I LOVE it!

/alex assouline

I absolutely love the bag!

/Andreas Alsved

I use the bag mostly for diving trips where i place fragile camera gear and my personal belongings in./Daryl Nicholas Yeo

It is very useful, good quality. I use them with and without the Shockproof Inflatable System


I love my bags (I got two). I did test them out in my pool and they are indeed waterproof!

/Kate A

I really like it, it has provided great protection for when I kayak to work. I do not worry about my computer.


I love the bag. LOVE IT. My boyfriend loves it too. Like LOVES IT. To better products to come, Subtech!! 😀

/Isabelle Wong

It is excellent and I am absolutely loving it.

/Leow Raymond

Pro drybag 45L is very amazing. When I go for a trip, I always use this bag. I am big fan of your company’s goods, rooting for you.

/Yohei Natsume

The reason why you really need this bag

PRO DRYBAG 45L is engineered with performance and precision in mind. We take great pride in our intellectual design where extreme function merge with purism. R&D is a focused process of critical study, thought and reflection between cutting edge materials, progressive designs and TEAM SUBTECH.

ISPO Award Winner



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