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Extreme Challenge- Diogo & Tiago

Extreme Challenge- Diogo & Tiago

Windsurf, kite-foil, SUP,
snowkite from the North Pole to
Kazakhstan. From Sumatra to Cape Horn

Name: Diogo Guerreiro and Tiago Azzi
Sport: Kite-foil, windsurf, SUP, snowkite
Nationality: Brazil
Upcoming adventure: In a series of 12 episodes the extreme adventurers Diogo and Tiago will push their selves beyond what no one thought was possible in their Extreme Challenge.
All images © Tiago Azzi. © Diogo Guerreiro

We are happy to introduce our latest team members, Diogo Guerreiro and Tiago Azzi.

Diogo is an Adventurer and a 2x Guinness World Records holder.

Tiago is a Professional kitesurfer and adventurer.

Together they will in a series of 12 episodes push their selves beyond what no one thought was possible in their extreme challenge in order to fulfill their dream of completing something that no one has ever done before.

Tell us in short about Extreme Challenge and what is it that you are going to do?

Extreme Challenge is a TV series on Channel Off in Brazil about 4 major adventures. Extreme Challenge is a series of 12 episodes of 26min. Dedicated to adventure and expansion of human boundaries. Diversified in each episode, but with a common focus on overcoming challenges, planning and preparation.

1. Cross the lake Balkhash in Kazakhstan with Kite Hydrofoil 600km (330 NM). It is a very remote area, so we have only one small tall in our way. There will be no boat or car support, so we will be on our own. Carrying food and water for many days in a kite board is a big challenge.

2. SUP cross from Sumatra to Mentawai, Indonesia (180km trip) with no boat support, sleeping two nights on the board.

3. Windsurf Cape Horn with no boat support. It will be the smallest “boat” to cross the Horn ever.

4. Walk from Russia to North Pole solo. Only 6 people in history manage to do that.

What is both of your background?

Diogo Guerreiro– Professional adventurer since 2003, Diogo has two world records (certified by Guinness World Records).

The first as the longest windsurfing journey in the world, from Chuí to Oiapoque, he covered 8,120km (4.400NM) without car support.

In 2006 Diogo broke another record by sailing 400km (215NM) of open sea, in a windsurfing, between Noronha and Natal, also without support boats, staying overnight on the board. This was the largest windsurfer ocean crossing ever made in the world.

In addition the protagonist was the youngest captain in Brazil to go around the world sailing.

Tiago Azzi– Professional KiteBoarder on Wave discipline. Tiago has been kitesurfing since he was 13 years old.

Between 2011 and 2012 Tiago lived in Canada as a professional Mountain Biker on Downhill discipline, but had to stop due to a neck injury.

This is going to be his first extreme adventure.

How do you prepare for such an extreme adventure?
We need to consider all aspects. Physical, mental and technical.

Planning is basically answering questions.

How we are going to carry all this water in the kite board? What is the chance of a major storm hitting us?

But in the end, a good mind set is key and understanding that we will suffer for sure, make us prepared for when the time comes.

What happens if your gear breaks or you get injured while out there?
We always have a plan for one problem. The real risk is when more than one mistake or accident happens at the same time.

For example, if we get seriously injured and our Garmin Inreach breaks, then we have a huge problem. But in general we are prepared to solve small injuries and fix most of the gear problems.

How will you be using our PRO DRYBAG 45L on these adventures?
This will be our main, or only bag. We will carry all of our life support in it.

This includes, food, water, clothes, sleeping bags, cameras, drone, our Garmin In Reach and a few other things.  It is a lot of trust!

What do we do if we want to check out your upcoming adventures?
We will try to update as best as we can our social media, specially Instagram. @guerreiroazul and @tiagoazzi

We are excited to have Tiago and Diogo on our team and looking forward to follow their Extreme Challenge.

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