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Atlantic Row Aborted

Expedition: Row Across the Atlantic 

Crew: The Swedish Adventurers Sören Kjellqvist & Måns Kämpe 

Purpose: Bring awarness to the endangered Baltic whale “the harbour porpoise” 

Planned route: Portugal to Carribean across the Atlantic 

Currently: Madeira, Canary Islands. Expedition Aborted. 

Bags used: PRO DRYBAG 45L | PRO DRYBAG 100L

The Swedish adventurers Sören Kjellkvist and Måns kämpe set out to row the Atlantic ocean from Lagos (Portugal) to Antigua (West Indies) on the 28th of December after having to wait over two weeks for weather conditions to stabilize.

When they were just one day from reaching their intermediate destination of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, the wind changed drastically and started pushing them northwest out into the open Northern Atlantic, far away from the needed trade winds towards the Caribbean.

They struggled through difficult wind and waves and finally managed to land on Madeira.

By then they were delayed over a month and with all margins of time, budget and resources used up. Waiting for manageable conditions to continue south and towards Antigua, the risk of going into the hurricane season would be unacceptably high. The portuguese trade winds seem to have changed into a much less reliable behavior, it is unbelievable how a storm from the Atlantic could reach so far south and pull us all the way up to Madeira.

“Facing these circumstances we have no choice but to terminate the project, and declare Madeira the final destination.”  /Sören & Måns

“Our involvement in life in the oceans remains unchanged, and we hope that we can still create enough attention for the Baltic harbour porpoise to help save them from extinction. We gave it our best shot, however we are humble towards the immense forces of nature. It has been an extraordinary experience, very different from what we expected, challenging, emotional and extremely tough. The Atlantic will still be there…” /Sören & Måns

The important message to save the Baltic whale from extinction still remains

You are true heroes in our eyes for getting the word out to the politicians to try and save the few hundred Baltic whales left in the world. Also for the vice decision to abort the mission and come home safe.

Check out what Sören & Måns have to say about our bags

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