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3 World Records by TEAM SUBTECH Diogo

Name: Diogo Guerreiro
World Records: 3

  • Windsurfed the whole Brazilian coast 5500 miles.
  • Windsurfed from pacific ocean to Atlantic ocean.
  • SUP 160km on the Indian ocean.
  • Foil kite 600km across lake Balkhash.
  • Crossed Greenland by foot.
  • Sailed around the world, among many other adventures.
  • Expedition Bags used: PRO DRYBAG 45L & PRO DRYBAG 100L

Video ©DeepBlueFilms. ©Diogo Guerreiro.

Check out this Extreme Windsurf Expedition from the Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean- Video LINK

We are proud to have Diogo Guerreiro on TEAM SUBTECH and follow him as he keep pushing the boundaries of what’s humanly possible with our gear👊

Check out this Extreme 600km foil kite expedition across Lake Balkash- Video LINK

Diogo is a huge inspiration to us and we can’t wait to see where he will bring our gear next🌎

Check out this Extreme 150km SUP expedition on the Indian Ocean- Video LINK

If you would like to take part of an extreme adventure in the future just let us know as our team rider and adventurer Diogo Guerreiro in the movie has just launched a new company Red Wolf experience for people wanting to be part of an extreme adventure but with all the safety in place to make it an unforgettable memory.


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