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Pedalling 10,000km thru South America

Pedalling 10,000km thru South America

On homemade Bamboo Bikes

Name: Emily and Sam
Info: Built their own bamboo bikes to bicycle thru South America
Where: From south of Chile to Cartagena, Colombia in the north.
Distance: 10.000km/6215 miles
Charity: Conservation International
Images ©Twobybamboo

Emily and Sam set off in October 2017 to cycle the length of the Andes (10,000km) on a pair of worryingly wonky homemade bamboo bikes.

Their journey began on the shores of the Beagle Strait in the port of Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego.

Pushing north through the wild winds of Patagonia…

…they wove between the Andes of Chile and Argentina…

…before climbing steeply onto the salty Bolivian Altiplano and into deepest darkest Peru.

Pedalling onwards with considerably larger calves they passed between the lofty cones of Ecuador’s volcanoes…

Chainwreck at 5000m/16400ft

…before cycling into sweaty Colombia, where their journey ended with a cold cerveza in the Caribbean town of Cartagena.

You can find out more or donate to their chosen charity Conservation International by visiting their website or finding them on Instagram @twobybamboo.

Click Here for more info on the laptop case that was used on their journey.

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