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Adventure photographer- Tim Borrow

Adventure photographer- Tim Borrow

Adventure photographer- Tim Borrow

‘I find the ocean, surfing, and the adventures they present to me are where my true passions lie within photography’


Name: Tim Borrow
Background: Adventure photographer
Interests: Surf, Ocean, Travel and Photography
Currently: Shooting at Emerald island, Ireland
All images © Tim Borrow


We are happy to introduce our latest member to our team, Tim Borrow. Tim is a talented aquatic photographer that specialize in ocean and surf but also enjoy shooting all kind of adventure and action sports. We checked in to find out how he manged to turn his lifestyle and passion into his career.


When did your passion for photography begin?

At the age of fifteen I picked up my first camera to document my friends skateboarding and was instantly hooked. Ten years later and I find the ocean, surfing, and the adventures they present to me are where my true passions lie within photography.



What type of photos do you specialize in?
I specialize in aquatic imagery, mainly surf and ocean photography.



I also shoot a lot of other adventure and action sports such as skateboarding, kitesurfing, mountainbiking etc.


Name your top 3 tips for us amateurs wanting to snap a cool photo?

1. Take your time.
2. Shoot at sunrise & sunset.
3. Always have your camera at the ready.


What is it like working as a professional photographer travelling the world?

I’ve been really lucky to visit some amazing places and to have lived in a few different countries thanks to my photography.


The people you meet, the experiences, they are all priceless. I am extremely grateful that I am able to call this lifestyle my job.


Sometimes it can be hard work and exhausting always traveling and moving around with gear but I wouldn’t change anything for the world.


What is your experience from using our waterproof bag on your travels?

The Pro Drybag has been great on my travels, especially when it comes to shooting surf.


Quite often I will have to be on a jetski or hop off a boat and swim to shore a bit to be able to shoot. In these situations, the bag is perfect for keeping all my valuable camera equipment dry and protected.


Bonus feature is it also makes a super comfy seat/backrest for those long waits in the airport or on the road.


We are stoked to have Tim on our team and look forward to follow him on his upcoming adventures. Check out his Instagram for more pics Link

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