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World premiere- TEAM SUBTECH in action

World premiere- Nuit de la Glisse

Featuring team freeskier Wille, wingsuit base jumper Mathias
and sports photographer Soren

Movie: Nuit de la Glisse- Don’t Crack under Pressure Season 3
Currently: In cinemas across Europe in November
Premiere: Sweden: 10/11
TEAM SUBTECH Athlethes & Photographer:
Wille Lindberg (Freeskier)
Mathias Wyss (Wing suit)
Soren Rickards (Photographer)
All images © Nuit de la Glisse.

In recent years Wille Lindberg (far right) has been one of the top riders on the Freeride World Tour.

Wille is currently starring in the premiere of the extreme sports movie Nuit de la Glisse- Don’t crack under pressure Season 3.

With premiere in Wille’s home country Sweden on Friday, November 10th.

In the movie our team member- Special forces and Wingsuit base jumper Mathias Wyss is also starring…

Launching himself off the mountain tops, flying in full speed down the mountain…

Taking some absolutely sick lines…

For the movie our team photographer Soren Rickards has followed some of the world’s best athletes and captured some mind blowing shots from around the world…

With some of the world’s best daredevils…

The work behind the camera in order to get the shots is just remarkable…

Exploring new places people never been before…

Shot from the most beautiful locations..

Capturing some spectacular actions shots…

All just to get that one money shot…

Check out the Official Trailer for Nuit de la Glisse- Don’t crack under pressure 3 with our TEAM SUBTECH riders Link and get your tickets here Link

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